Oddworld: Soulstorm – Crafting und Action in Epics Spring-Showcase-Trailer

Die Oddworld Inhabitants hatten ihr kommendes Spiel Oddworld: Soulstorm im Rahmen der Game Awards 2020 bekanntlich auf das Frühjahr 2021 verschoben. Beim gestrigen „Epic Games Store Spring Showcase“ gab es aber immerhin ein paar frische bewegte Häppchen mit Spielszenen aus dem Action-Adventure zu sehen. Wie bei älteren Vorführungen wird im aktuellen Trailer ein Mix verschiedener Elemente wie dem Crafting oder der Action präsentiert:

Das Spiel befindet sich für PC, PlayStation 4 und PlayStation 5 in Entwicklung. Die PC-Fassung kann bereits für 49,99 Euro im Epic Games Store vorbestellt werden. Für PS4 und PS5 soll es über Microids zudem Boxversionen im Handel geben (wir berichteten).

„Oddworld: Soulstorm Gameplay Features

– Action-Adventure Platformer: Evolving the platforming genre by adding RPG-lite elements with player agency to play as they like, whether aggressively or passively.
– Narrative: A dark storyline with a twisted sense of humor that shines a light on the – 2.9D: Epic environments with massive scale to explore by going into the world, rather than being limited to the traditional side scrolling platformer sense.
– Quarma (think Karma): Quarma is a real time feedback feature that reflects your actions in the game and your actions will influence the outcome of the game.
– Scavenger’s Economy: Pickpocket enemies, loot lockers, sift through trash cans to acquire resources. Exchange them at vending machines to get products that give you more agency in how you chose to conquer the game’s many challenges.
– Crafting: Use scavenged resources and vending machine products to craft items to use as weapons or tools against characters and obstacles.
– Strength in Numbers: The more followers you save, the stronger the uprising becomes. Gift crafted items to followers. It’s up to you to decide whether they will be aggressive or passive.
– Gameplay: A 2.9D action adventure platformer. First time playthrough is 15 hours. Achievement hunters and perfectionists can easily play for dozens of hours.
– Leaderboards: All levels offer a tallying system, leaderboards, achievements and badges.“